The Power of Prayer and Being in Partnership With God (Gospel Light Minute #9)

For eight years, she hosted her self-titled television show, which is now in nationwide syndication. She graduated from Mt. Holyoke College and Emory University School of Law. After college she became the highest-ranking African-American woman at Delta Air Lines, serving as senior attorney and manager of public relations. This position earned her a spot on Ebony magazine’s “100 Best and Brightest Women in Corporate America.” After leaving the corporate world, she became Georgia’s first African-American Chief Presiding Judge of a state court and department as well as the head of one of the largest juvenile court systems in the country.

While leading many cases involving children, she became interested in creating positive solutions for families. This led her to start “Parent Power Now”, the premiere online parenting network. Growing up in a small Baptist church, which she still attends today, she credits her parents, especially her father who died suddenly over 17 years ago, for teaching her to have her own direct relationship with God and to make prayer the source of her strength. She says that the power of prayer continues to be an anchor in her life, and that as we live life, we have to be in partnership with God and live life with purpose and intention. Her name is Judge Glenda Hatchett.

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