Korie Robertson: ‘God and Faith is What Makes Our Life Good’ (Gospel Light Minute #142)

Korie Robertson
Korie Robertson

She is the wife of Duck Dynasty star, Willie Robertson, and mother to five children. As a business partner, she helped her husband and family grow the Duck Commander company into an ever-expanding and very successful enterprise in Louisiana. She serves as the Duck Commander office manager. Along with her husband, she is the author of the New York Times bestseller, “The Duck Commander Family Book” in which they detail their life, family, business, popular TV show, and faith. She most recently made an appearance in the movie, “God’s Not Dead”. And her newest book and accompanying five-week church curriculum, “Faith Commander: Living Five Values from the Parables of Jesus” will be released in May.

She says that she is proud of her Christian faith and often encourages other Christians to stand up for their beliefs. She said in an interview, “God and our faith is what sustains us. It’s what makes our life good. This faith is behind who we are as a family and what keeps us together and strong. Don’t let someone bully you into not standing up for your beliefs.”

Her name is Korie Robertson.

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