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  1. 13/05/12: Kay Coles James Became a Christian Under the Preaching of Billy Graham and God Has Used her to Do Great Things (Gospel Light Minute #52)
  2. 06/05/12: Robert Griffin III: ‘My Relationship With God is My Most Important Influence’ (Gospel Light Minute #51)
  3. 29/04/12: Steve Harvey: “I Am a New Christian” (Gospel Light Minute #50)
  4. 22/04/12: Chuck Colson Found Hope in Jesus Christ and he Shared that Hope with Many Others (Gospel Light Minute #49)
  5. 15/04/12: Bubba Watson: Just Showing the Light (Gospel Light Minute #48)
  6. 08/04/12: Thomas Kinkade: The ‘Painter of Light’ Talks About his Relationship with The Light of the World (Gospel Light Minute #47)
  7. 01/04/12: Ralph David Abernathy: ‘Jesus is the Greatest Changer in History’ (Gospel Light Minute #46)
  8. 25/03/12: Lecrae: Once Caught by the Police with Drugs Now Raps for Jesus (Gospel Light Minute #45)
  9. 18/03/12: Martin Bashir: ‘A Committed Christian’ (Gospel Light Minute #44)
  10. 11/03/12: Barry Black: A ‘Boy from the Hood’ Who Encountered Jesus Christ (Gospel Light Minute #43)
  11. 04/03/12: Kurt Warner: Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow to Let Jesus Christ Into Your Life (Gospel Light Minute #42)
  12. 26/02/12: Jeremy Lin is an Outspoken Christian Who Seeks to Bring God More Glory (Gospel Light Minute #41)
  13. 19/02/12: Your Tomorrow Could Very Well be Today (Gospel Light Minute #40)
  14. 12/02/12: Whitney Houston’s Last Song Was “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” (Gospel Light Minute #39)
  15. 05/02/12: Giants’ and Patriots’ Players say their Relationship With God is More Important than the Super Bowl (Gospel Light Minute #38)
  16. 29/01/12: Donna Richardson-Joyner: There’s No ‘Falling Off the Wagon’ With God (Gospel Light Minute #36)
  17. 22/01/12: Manny Pacquiao: Without Christ, ‘I Am Nothing’ (Gospel Light Minute #35)
  18. 15/01/12: Patrick Willis: My #1 Goal is to Glorify God (Gospel Light Minute #34)
  19. 08/01/12: John Grisham: Accepting Jesus Christ Was ‘the Most Important Event in My Life’ (Gospel Light Minute #33)
  20. 01/01/12: Cam Newton: “It’s Just a God Thing” (Gospel Light Minute #32)
  21. 18/12/11: Tyler Perry: ‘I Wouldn’t be Where I Am Today Without My Faith in Jesus Christ’
  22. 14/12/11: Truett Cathy: Glorifying God in Business (Gospel Light Minute #30)
  23. 04/12/11: Tom Landry: Because of Jesus He Didn’t Worry About Tomorrow (Gospel Light Minute #29)
  24. 27/11/11: Before Tim Tebow, There Was Reggie White Representing for Christ on the NFL Stage (Gospel Light Minute #28)
  25. 20/11/11: Drew Brees: ‘Everything is in God’s Hands’ (Gospel Light Minute #27)
  26. 17/11/11: Roma Downey: ‘Touched’ by God (Gospel Light Minute #26)
  27. 06/11/11: Albert Pujols: '100% Committed to Jesus Christ' (Gospel Light Minute #25)
  28. 23/10/11: Allyson Felix: "Running for God's Glory" (Gospel Light Minute #23)
  29. 16/10/11: Billy Blanks Found Success and Satisfaction When he Gave his Life to Christ (Gospel Light Minute #22)
  30. 09/10/11: Former Drug Dealer and Adulterer Meets Jesus Christ and is Now Winning Souls and Taking Names in the Sudan as the "Machine Gun Preacher" (Gospel Light Minute #21)
  31. 02/10/11: Emmitt Smith: Faith, Success and a Strong Belief in God (Gospel Light Minute #20)
  32. 25/09/11: A.C. Green Decided to 'Trust Jesus and Live by His Standards Instead of Being a People Pleaser' (Gospel Light Minute #19)
  33. 18/09/11: James Brown said, 'Even Though I Was Successful, I Felt a "Distinct Emptiness" in My Life' But he Turned to the Lord and Jesus Christ Filled that Emptiness and He Can do the Same for You (Gospel Light Minute #18)
  34. 11/09/11: Todd Beamer, the Man Who Said "Let's Roll" on Flight 93, Knew he Was Going to Heaven When he Died on 9/11. How About You? (Gospel Light Minute #17)
  35. 10/07/11: Vivian Stringer Found the Strength she Needed to Go On in Life through Jesus Christ (Gospel Light Minute #16)
  36. 04/07/11: Smokey Robinson: Jesus Christ is the 'Way Out of this Havoc and the Way Into Paradise' (Gospel Light Minute #15)
  37. 27/06/11: Angela Bassett Realized God's Amazing Love for Her (Gospel Light Minute #14)
  38. 19/06/11: George Foreman: Once Fighting for the World, Now Fighting in God's Army (Gospel Light Minute #13)
  39. 12/06/11: Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo: Finding and Serving God in the Midst of Hollywood Success (Gospel Light Minute #12)
  40. 06/06/11: Avery Johnson Answered the Call to Follow Jesus Christ (Gospel Light Minute #11)
  41. 30/05/11: Condoleezza Rice, a Powerful and Accomplished Woman, has a 'Deep and Abiding Faith in God' (Gospel Light Minute #10)
  42. 23/05/11: The Power of Prayer and Being in Partnership With God (Gospel Light Minute #9)
  43. 15/05/11: Sam Bradford says 'To Deny Jesus the Opportunity to Have a Relationship With You is Almost a Slap in the Face to Him' (Gospel Light Minute #8)
  44. 08/05/11: George Washington Carver: A Brilliant Scientist Who Said he Was 'Nothing' Without Christ (Gospel Light Minute #7)